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Download a free copy of the HIE Toolkit for Community Clinics and Provider Offices along with fillable templates and forms.

HIE Toolkit for Provider Decision Making 2013

Appendices, Fillable Templates and Forms.
Click links below to download. 

Appendix A. Index of HIE Toolkits

Appendix B. Mission Purpose Discussion Guide

Appendix C. Problem Statement Template

Appendix D. Solution Mapping Template

Appendix E. Influence Interest Stakeholder Matrix

Appendix F. Stakeholder Communication Plan

Appendix G. HIE Benefit Estimation Tool

Appendix H. Rating Interoperability Strategies

Appendix I. Rural HIE Use Case Sample

Appendix J. HIE Use Case-Features Rating Tool

Appendix K. Sample HIO RFP


CALINX: Setting the Standard for Lab and Pharmacy Data in California (2008)

Clinical Data Standards in Health Care: Five Case Studies (2005)

Study of Technology Adoption in California Community Clinics, IPAs, and Medical Groups (2002)


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